Recording of Lectures

Classes are to be recorded even if the class is taught synchronously. Class recordings enable instructors to add captions or create a transcript of the recorded lectures. Class recordings help to account for:

  • Time zones
  • Disruptions of internet connections
  • Conditions that must limit screen time
  • Illness, quarantine or other hardships

If a visual capturing of the class is not essential for accessing the information presented, an audio-only recording is an acceptable alternative.

Setting up Recordings in Different Platforms


Videos that are uploaded are required to be captioned. Canvas Studio can provide automated captions that can be edited.

A video recorded in Zoom will need to be uploaded to Canvas.

How to upload Zoom video to Canvas

Captions can be added and edited once your video is uploaded or already available in Canvas.

How to add captions within Canvas


Some students may need to have access to a transcript of the class. Once instructors have captions available, the captions can be converted to a transcript.

Instructors may share the video with the student or Accessibility and Accommodations can send the student instructions on how to convert the video to a transcript.

How to share a video in Canvas

Or, instructors may provide the conversion and send the transcript to the student.

Converting captions to a transcript

Extended Time on Exams

Students may be eligible for test accommodations such as extended time on exams and/or breaks during exams. Canvas has provided instruction on adding extended time to exams.

How to add extended time to an exam


Communicate with Instructors

Students registered in the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations are responsible to communicate with each class instructor. At the beginning of each term, students are responsible to electronically send accommodation letters in our online services. Students are responsible to discuss the approved accommodation requests with each class instructor.

DR Online Services

Extended Time on Exams

A student’s request for test accommodations is to be discussed with the student’s instructor well in advance of any exams. Before the start of an exam, a student may want to send an email reminder to the instructor to add the student’s approved extended time accommodation.

Books in Alternate Format

To request a book in an alternate format, it is recommended for a student to submit a request early in the semester as some books may take some time to obtain. Requests are to be submitted in our online services in the Alternative Formats tab. A copy of the book receipt is necessary in order for Accessibility and Accommodations to provide the book in an alternative format.

Technology Options for Dictation

Technology options are available for dictation in both Windows and Mac OS. The software will provide a transcription of a student’s words into a text document.



Writing Support

Samford University offers students a writing support through the Communication Resource Center. The CRC will assist in reviewing and editing papers.