All students and employees are automatically enrolled to receive RAVE alerts on their Samford email address and cannot be removed from that list.  You can also add 2 more email addresses and 3 mobile phones.

Twice a year, verification of contact information is requested of all students and employees.  At any point in time, students and employees can add or change their phone numbers and email on the Portal by logging into the Samford Portal homepage. Once logged into the Portal, scroll down until you see the block “My Contact Information” on the right (for employees), or Emergency Information at the top right (for students) and click on “update my RAVE information.”  You can also enter/update your RAVE information in Banner by clicking on the “Personal Information” tab and then clicking on the “Update my RAVE Information” tab.  Anytime your primary contact information changes please take a minute to update RAVE as it is the primary method of communication used by Samford University during an emergency. 

Samford Portal