Personal Preparedness Plan

Develop a plan before you find yourself in an emergency. When you are in a classroom, auditorium, stadium or other campus facility for the first time, think about what you would do if there were a fire in the building. How would you escape? Do windows provide an exit? Where would you find an area that could provide protection in a tornado? Where would you go if you needed shelter from an armed intruder? Where is the nearest securable space? How would you secure the room you are in? Does it have a lock? What items in the room can provide concealment or cover? How will you notify the police? What will you tell them? Do you know the room number and name of the building you are in?

Create your own personal preparedness plan starting with the items below:

  • Have extra doses of medication in your office
  • Have a phone charger in your office
  • Have non-perishable food in your office
  • Have a change of clothes/shoes in your office
  • Have a helmet in your office
  • Have blankets, gloves, boots, flashlight, kitty litter, etc. in your car
  • Keep your gas tank full

Government Preparedness Links