Building Coordinator Resources

Faculty Resources

Emergency Readiness Team Members

  • Harry B. Brock, III, EVP/Emergency Manager/Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (ERT Chair);
  • Kim Brown, Associate VP for Operations and Campus Initiatives/Deputy Emergency Manager;
  • Allison Brymer, Director of Events Management
  • Howard Finch, Senior Associate Provost;
  • Mark Fuller, Director of Facilities Management;
  • Betsy Holloway, VP for Marketing and University Communications;
  • Lisa Imbragulio, AVP for Business & Finance;
  • Michael Morgan, Assistant to the President;
  • April Robinson, Spiritual Life liaison/Chair of CARE Team;
  • Lauren Taylor, AVP for Campus and Residential Life;
  • Tommy Taylor, Director of Public Safety;
  • Wade Walker,  Director of Business Services;
  • Clark Watson, General Counsel;
  • Debi Whitcomb, Deputy Chief Information Officer;
  • Joel Windham, Human Resources AVP;