The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics (OIRA) serves the university by integrating research, assessment and planning. We operate under the guiding maxim “Generating discussion, fostering understanding, and promoting improvement one analysis at a time.” Our enrollment reports provide an overview of enrollment figures for each term. The fact book provides data broken out by school, student level, and numerous other categories. Our Common Data Set includes additional information not found in the Fact Book.


OIRA serves many of the information needs of Samford University. This office provides a wide variety of data and information to university administrators, faculty, and staff for use in management, assessment, policy analysis, and planning, and coordinates the university’s responses to external requests for information. OIRA lends strong support to the university’s broad mission of nurturing persons through data collection (e.g., the fact brochure that introduces prospective students to Samford University) and assessment efforts (e.g., feedback from graduating seniors) that enable the university to gauge the extent to which it meets or exceeds the expectations of students. Data integrity is our primary concern as we seek to ensure the validity of our reports and analyses. This also furthers the mission of Samford and accuracy in decision-making as analyses are done using reliable information.


OIRA engages in continuous improvement. Each year, we strive to become more accurate and efficient in our data reporting efforts. The vision of Institutional Research and Analytics is to ensure that our office contributes to major policy and planning decisions at Samford that shall better equip the university in meeting its motto of Nurturing Persons: for God, for learning, forever.


This mission is undertaken while preserving the value of data integrity. OIRA places a high value on data integrity because the office’s work is a reflection upon Samford as a Christian university. This office also places a high value on the community relationships that have been nurtured through interactions and teamwork with members at every level and in every function of Samford University. Ensuring these collegial relationships continue is inherent to the office fulfilling its mission.