Published on October 18, 2017 by Jacob Landen  
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It has been 27 years since the Hubble telescope was launched into orbit. While the Hubble has been instrumental in so many discoveries, NASA has been constructing a new telescope.  The James Webb Space telescope is almost double the size of Hubble. Webb also looks at the universe in infrared wavelengths which is outside our visible range. Hubble was built to see optical and ultraviolet wavelengths.  The Webb will offer us a new look at the universe. Because it will see farther, it will give us the ability to see more of older galaxies that will tell us more about the beginning of the universe.

Although a new type of telescopic interest, the Webb telescope is not a break into new technology. It simply acts as the most innovative aspect of continuous spatial spectating tech. As such it does not undermine the activity of Hubble for the last 27 years; it is an addition to current technology rather than undermining the past. Instead, Webb offers a new interest into new technology that considers newer understandings of how the cosmos works. #GetExcitedSU

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