Question 1.

If a student's parent calls asking how a student is doing in a class, can you give out that information?

Yes No

Question 2.

You receive a call from a recruiting firm asking for names and addresses of students with a GPA of 3.0 or better. They say they have good job information for these students. Can you help these students get jobs by giving out this information?

Yes No

Question 3.

A person comes up to you with a letter containing a signature that gives consent to the release of the transcript of a student. Do you give the transcript to them?

Yes No

Question 4.

You receive a phone call from the local police department indicating that they are trying to determine whether a particular student was in attendance on a specific day. Since they are in the middle of a investigation are you allowed to give them this information?

Yes No

Question 5.

You get a frantic phone call from an individual who says that he is a student's father and must get in touch with her immediately because of a family emergency. Can you tell him when and where her next class is today?

Yes No

Question 6.

Is it wrong for professors to leave exams, papers, etc. outside their office for students to pick up?

Yes No

Question 7.

An unauthorized person retrieves information from a computer screen that was left unattended. Under FERPA, if you leave your computer unattended while connected to the SIS system, are you responsible for breaching security of academic records?

Yes No


You have completed the basic training on FERPA.

If you are otherwise qualified for access to student records on SIS, please fill out the FERPA Report Form. Thank you.

FERPA Report Form

Even though the person may be a parent, you must assume that the student is an adult. You cannot give out that grade or any other personal information.

You must assume that the student is an adult who is entitled to privacy, even from parents. Parents may assert their rights to the records if the student is dependant according to the tax code.

While we all want to help students to get good jobs, that request should be sent to the appropriate office.

Do not give out student records to anyone outside the University without prior written consent of that student. In this case you should send this request to the campus placement office or provide these students with the contact name and the request.

It is the responsibility of the Career Placement or Student Records office to provide this service.

In almost all cases, unless it is your job function, do not give out any records to a third party. You should refer their request to the registrar's office (or any office charged with this duty).

There must be a subpoena presented to access this information. IF SERVED WITH A SUBPOENA, CONTACT THE PROVOST'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. If pressured to respond to the subpoena immediately, DO NOT DO SO.

There must be prior written consent or a legally binding subpoena. SHOULD YOU BE SERVED WITH A SUBPOENA CONTACT THE PROVOST'S OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

For the safety of the student you cannot tell another person where a student is at any time.

When this situation arises, refer the person to Campus Safety or the Student Records Office.

That is a violation of the privacy rule because it is inappropriate for students to have access to other students' information.

You cannot leave personally identifiable materials in a public place.

Information on a computer screen is confidential and should be treated the same as printed reports.

The medium in which the information is held is unimportant. No information should be left accessible or unattended, including computer displays.