Faculty development grants were designed “to encourage and support academic activity and scholarly attainment by funding meritorious projects leading to professional growth in teaching, research, creative and scholarly activity, and service.” (Faculty Handbook 2014). It is the responsibility of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate to evaluate and award grant on an annual basis. Once awarded by the committee, the grants are administered by the senior associate provost, Howard Finch.

All full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for individual grants; however, preference is normally given to those who have not recently received funds from Samford Faculty Development Grants. The maximum award per development grant is $4,000 for a single investigator. The principal investigator will have two years in which to complete the project. Upon completion of the project, the investigator must submit a written report to the senior associate provost's office accompanied by the signature of the dean of the school. An electronic copy of the report should be sent to the current chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. The grant money is intended to be used for a complete project or as seed money for a larger project.

Criteria and applications for these grants are communicated to the faculty in September through e-mails and the Academic Affairs website. For additional information, contact the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee or Howard Finch.


Mark Baggett

“Mark Twain and the Art of Staging the Show Trial”

Lan Bui

“Stability of Angiotensin II Beyond 24 Hours”

Mark Busbee

“The Effects of Translation on Javajo Culture”

Bernadette D'Souza

“Optimizing and ex0vivo T-cell activation technique to screen immunotherapeuic vaccine adjufants”

Amanda Hilsmier

“Board Certified Behavior Analysis Program”

Carol Koch

“Utilizing Ultrasound Technology for Remediation of speech Sound Production Errors”

Mallory Marshall

“The Effects of Dual Tasking on Walking Gait and Cognitive Function During Pregnancy and Postpartum”

Chris Metress

“Reckoning with the Imperfect Past”

Justin Moody

“The effect of sports-related concussion on frontotemporal brain activity during neurocognitive testing.”

Hollea Ryan

“Hearing Monitoring for the Football Program”

Karen Thatcher

“Fostering Literacy Development in Preschool Children Identified as Homeless or Living in Poverty”

Kimberly Wood

“Human Psychophysiology Course as a conduit for Student-Designed Neuroscience Research”


Mark Lackey

“Fairy Tale: An album of original music. Recorded at The Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. Solo pieces yet to be recorded.”

Joseph Cory

“Out of the Depths: An Exhibit of Painting and Photography Exploring the Complex Nature of Middle East Migrants.”

Kristin Bakkegard

“Research: Biology of the Guantanamo Striped Curlytail (Leiocephalus onaneyi).”

Jennifer McClure

“Faith Connections: A Social Network Study of Religion Congregations.”

Steven Epley

“Preparation of abridged edition of: Sara Hall's Conversations on the Bible: Between a Mother and Her Children. Susanna Rowson's Biblical Dialogues Between a Father and His Children.”

Amy Hoaglund

“International Partnerships in Educational Missions.”

Jane Holston

“Inter-professional Education Program on Concussion Awareness.”

Thomas Kopec

“Parasympathetic measurements with ultra short-term heart rate variability using field measures for the clinical settings.”

Ashley Robertson

“Examination of Differences in Utilization of Medicare-Funded Acute Care Services among Recipients of Home Health Service: the Effects of Rurality, Policy and Patient Characteristics.”

Katie Coate

“Myokines and Metastasis: A Study of the Anticancer Effects of Exercise.”

Crystal Deas

“End of Life Home Care for Interprofessional Education”

Patricia Jumbo-Lucioni

“Angiotensin II Type 1 receptor blockade and Neprilysin Inhibition in an Alzeheimer's Disease Model.”

Pamela Sims

“Development of an In Vitro Assay for the Determination of Benzodiazepine Drug Binding to Plasma Proteins.”


Candice Adams-Mitchell

“Following Student Athletes from a Neurocognitive Perspective.”

Susanne Burgess

“Music Education in Early Childhood.”

Hugh Floyd

“Seeking Justice for Displaced Lives.”

Ginger Frost

“Crossed Lines and Crossed Hearts: Mixed Marriages in Britain.”

Rachel Hagues

“Caring for Refugees in Germany.”

Amanda Howard

“Quality of Life in a Sample of Child Welfare Professionals.”

Kristen Johnston

“Samford Mobile Sav-A-Life Vestavia.”

Jeffrey Leonard

“Journey Through the Land of the Bible.”

Mallory Marshall

“Exercising for Two: Habits for Women in 2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Pregnancy.”

Timothy Sutton

“Leisure in the English Modernist Novel.”

Angela Thomason

“Fellowship for Interpersonal Development at Samford.”


Carlos Aleman

“Nicaragua: Bridging Humanities Research and Teaching.”

John Arnold

“In Vitro and In Vico Evaluation of Tetracycline Loaded Biodegradable Microspheres for Use in the Eye.”

Jonathan Davis

“Developing Capacity for Scholarship on Violence Prevention.”

Mark DeVine

“Better Together: A Biblical, Theological and Practical Guide for Church Mergers.”

Clif Eason

“Christianity as a Part of the Brand.”

David Johnson

“An Investigation of molecular communication between parasites and host plants.”

David Luthin

“Determination of the concentration of Antibiotics and Metabolities Discharged from Animal Processing Facilities into the Black Warrior River Wasteland.”

Mary McCullough

“A Study of Gender and Space in Narratives on La Grande Rafle du Vel d’Hiv (July 16-17, 1942).”

Pilar Murphy

“The Impact of a pharmacist-led Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic for patients in rural Perry County, Alabama.”

Julie Steward

“Italy Summer Writing Seminar.”

Stephanie Wynn

“Integrating Telehealth into the Nursing Curricula.”


Malia Fincher

“A new collaborative international research project: Physiological costs of plant defense against herbivores in two closely related rain forest shrubs.”

Jennifer Rahn

“Inquiry as Pedagogy: Developing better thinkers in geography with unified physical geography lab manuals”

James Strange

“Archaeology and the New Testament: Windows into Earliest Christianity”

Jeremy Thornton

“Experimental Analysis of Religiosity and Time Preference

Nathan Kilpatrick

“What Effects Will the NCAA Academic Redshirt Rule Have on NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Athletics?”

Shannon Ashe

“Development of Functional Assessment Tool for Ballet Dancers”

Osvaldo Padilla

“Reading Acts Today: From Authorship to Contemporary Political Engagement”

Rachel Thomas

“Impacting Health Literacy and outcomes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus via the Development and Implementation of a Mobile Application”

Andrea Collins

“A Comparison of Magnesium vs. Melatonin for Improved Sleep Quality and Quantity”

2013 - 2014

LeeAnn Reynolds

“Stepping Out of the "Magic Circle: The Politics of Dissent in the Lives of Lillian Smith, Virginia Durr and Anne Braden”

Jennifer Speights-Binet

“Birmingham Reimagined: The Process of Downtown Revitalization in a Post-Industrial City”

Steve Stricker

“An Assessment of Community Pharmacists’ Knowledge of Clinically Significant Drug Interactions with Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents”

Geri Beers and Cindy Berry

“Traditional Versus Electronic Resources for Faculty in Two Adult Health Clinical Courses: A Pilot Study”

Julie Steward

“Contemporary Poetry Archival Research”

Patrice Donnelly

“Does Obesity Increase the Q-angle of the Knee?”

Ken Roxburgh

“Christianity in Scotland During the 20th Century”

Kristin Bakkegard

“Behavior of Red Hills Salamanders (Phaeognathus hubrichti) at their burrow entrance”

Dennis Jones

“Exodus magazine, a product of JMC’s print majors, reinvents itself as an online publication, with a small print run for portfolio purposes”

James Strange

“Economy as Resistance in Roman Galilee: The Coins of Shikhin”

Christina Villaverde-Camara

“Creation of a Fully Edited, Updated and Publishable Manuscript Copy of Historical Art Songs by Cuban Composer, Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963) and Production of a Professional Recording for Further Preservation and Promotion”

Carl Beckwith

“Confessional Lutheranism and the Church’s Fathers”

John Petrella

“Comparison of skeletal muscle activation in open and closed chain exercises”

Rob Hensarlin

“Baseline and post-concussion neurocognitive and balance testing of high school contact and collision athletes”

Rebecca Warr

“Enhancing nursing attitudes and empathy toward geriatric patients through sensory training”

2012 - 2013

Mark Gignilliat

“Micah: A Theological Commentary”

Doug Clapp

“Latin Teaching Tour 2012: A Strategy for Curricular and Pedagogical Advancement”

Betsy Dobbins

“Determining the Presence of the 17-ketosteroid Androgens in Extracts of Dioscorea batatas Tubers by Liquid Chromotography-Mass Spectroscopy”

Drew Hataway

“Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of the Menges' Fameflower, Phemeranthus mengesii”

David Johnson

“A Molecular Genetic Survey of Ciliates in a Small, Freshwater Stream: Bringing Next Generation Technology to Samford's Molecular Genetics Program”

Jennifer Speights-Binet

“Birmingham Reimagined: The Process of Downtown Revitalization in a Post-Industrial City”

LeeAnn Reynolds

“Stepping Out of the "Magic Circle: The Politics of Dissent in the Lives of Lillian Smith, Virginia Durr and Anne Braden”

Gisela Kreglinger

“Sustenance and Sustainability: A Spirituality of Wine”

Steve Stricker

“An Assessment of Community Pharmacists' Knowledge of Clinically Significant Drug Interactions with Oral Chemotherapeutic Agents”

Dave Luthin

"Determination of Estradiol and Other Estrogen Metabolites in Water Samples from Seven Jefferson County Water Treatment Facilities"

Bernadette "D'Souza, Gary Bumgarner

"Optimization of a Microparticulate Vaccine for Simultaneous Uses as an Adjuvant and Antigen Delivery System for the Subsequent Initiation of a Potent Immune Response"

Julie Steward

"Contemporary Poetry Archival Research"

Geri Beers, Cindy Berry

"Traditional Versus Electronic Resources for Faculty in Two Adult Health Clinical Courses: A Pilot Study"

Patrice Donnelly

"Does Obesity Increase the Q-angle of the Knee?"

2011 - 2012

Larry Thompson

"Image and Resource Gathering project for a Series of Works of Creative Scholarship"

Will Womack

"Research at American Baptist Historical Society Archive in Atlanta"

Ken Roxburgh

"Growth Amidst Decline: Edinburgh's Churches and Scottish Culture, 1980-2010."

Barry Robinson

"Research on Spanish-American Independence at the Archive of the Indies and the General Archive of Simancas"

Jennifer Rahn

"Beach and Coral Reef Interactions: Using Low Cost Survey Equipment to Map and Monitor Coastal Subaerial and Nearshore Environments for Responses to Sea Level Rise and Tropical Storms"

Andy Lampkins, Brian Gregory

"Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Polymeric Material to Enhance the Durability of Self-Assembled Monolayers"

Malia Fincher

"Field Research: Limitations on acorn and oak survival and success at Oak Mountain State Park"

Amanda Hilsmier

"Improving the Reading Performance of At-Risk Middle School Students Using an Intensive Summer Reading Program"

Greg Gorman, Teresa Wilborn

"Development, optimization, and application of in vitro metabolism reaction conditions using LC/MS/MS methods with positive control substrates"

DeeAnn Dugan

"Impact of a pharmacist-led diabetes self-management group education and training program for low income, high risk patients in a public health department"

Patti Wood, Jody Newton

"The Relationship between Grouping Strategies and Achievement Outcomes with Gifted/Talented Elementary Students"

James Strange

"Archaeological Survey of Shikhin, Israel"

Jeremy Thornton

"Is Bigger Necessarily Better? Scale Economies in the Nonprofit Enterprise"

Donald Sanders

"Research and Document Preparation for Monograph, The Court Of Orpheus: Music for the Gonzagas at Mantua"

Kathryn Fouse

"Production of a Professional Recording of Piano Compositions of Living Composers"

Renee Butcher

"CUE!-Create, Understand, Experience: Advanced Training in the Latest Lighting Technology"

2010 - 2011

Kim Herndon, Liz Wells,Jennifer Taylor

(Library) - "Participation in Mass Digitization Collaborative of Unique & Rare Resources"

Jill Cunningham, Margie Findlay, Arlene Hayne

(Nursing) - "Mobile Health Services for Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Underserved Areas"

Marshall Cates, Danielle Cruthirds

"Sexual Adverse Effects"

Scott Fisk

Letterpress Printmaking Documentary

Sarana Chou

When New Music Meets Modern Dance; Compose and Choreograph a New Work for violinist and Dancer

Malia Fincher

-Improving Reforestation projects in Tropical Ecosystems: Does Initial Planting Diversity Enhance Forest Development

David Bains

The Symbolic Function of Washington National Cathedral and other National Houses of Worship

Jeremy Thornton,Sara Helms

The influence of Grant Restrictions on Charitable Giving: An Experimental Approach

Archie Lockamy

Empirical Testing of "A Model of the Factors Preventing Intra-Family Succession in Family Firms" Using Bayesian Belief Networks

2009 - 2010

Charlotte Brammer

(Communication Studies) - Intercultural Development Inventory

Jon Clemmensen, Julie Williams

(Journalism) - "Another Voice: A Classic First Amendment Conflict Between SU Crimson and University Administration"

Eric Fournier

(Geography) - Waterfront Revitalization in Savannah, Georgia

Robert Hensarling, Brian Toone

(ESSM)- Funding towarda Portable Static Balance Testing and Training System

Peter Hughes

(Pharmacy) - Drug Information Resources in Alabama

Andrew Lampkins

(Chemistry) - Funding Toward Interest in B-Secretase Inhibitors for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Barry Robinson

(History) - Migrant Mexico Course Development and Archival Research

Ronald Shinn

(Music) - Recordings of Mirror Inversion as a Teaching Technique

2008 - 2009

John Arnold

(Pharmaceutical Sciences) - Investigation of PLGA Microspheres for Sustained and Controlled Drug Release of Tetracycline

Erika Cretton-Scott

(Pharmaceutical Sciences) - Evaluation of In Vitro Stability of Leucine-Based Gamma-Lactone Prodrugs in Liver and GI Tract

Malia Fincher

(Biology) - Soil Nutrient Analyses of Privet Plants to Determine Physiological Difference Between Those Grown in High and Low Light Settings

Ginger Frost

(History) - Travel to England for Archival Work on Poor Union Laws for Manuscript

Jasmine Gaines

(Biology) - Research on Genetic Role in HPV Conversion to Cervical Cancer

David Johnson

(Biology) - Molecular Investigation of Archival DNA Slides

Alan Jung

(ESSM) - Study of Mice on Timing of Physical Activity in Youth and Impact on Physical Activity in Adulthood

Sean King

(Pharmacy) - Investigation of Effectiveness of Symbols in Pharmacy provided Prescription Information in Low Health Literate Populations

David Luthin

(Pharmacy) - Investigation of Impact of High Fiber Diet on Weight Gain in Mice Fed a High Fat Diet

Lakisha Moore

(Biology) - Development of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts for Analysis of In Vitro Metastatic Characteristics

Eric Olson

(Theater) - Travel and Expenses for Scenic Painting Course

Jennifer Speights-Binet

(Geography) - Summer Stipend/Release Time for Writing on Role of memory and Place in Construction of Louisiana State Capitol During Long Administration

Sonya Stanley

(Math) - Spring Course Release to Supervise Undergraduate Research on Bernstein Polynomials in Connection with CURM Grant

Julie Steward

(English) - Summer Stipend/Release Time for Writing Poetry

2007 - 2008

Theresa Davidson

(Sociology) - Explore Impact of Curriculum and Religiosity for Effects on Student Values

Malia Fincher

(Biology) - Study of Relationships Between Masting in Six Local Oak Species

David Finn

(Education) - Research Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jeff Flaniken, Donald Sanders

(Music) - Study, Perform and Record Chamber Music Compos by Living American Composers

Andrew Konitzer

(Political Science) - Gather Research Materials for the initial Stage of a Larger Study Examining Why Croatia has Made Faster Progress than Serbia Toward Accession to the European Union

Michael Lee

(Pharmacology) - Relationship Between the 9-1-1 Complex and the MMR System

Franz Lohrke

(Business) - Funding to Pay for Access to the NORC Data Enclave

Scott McGinnis

(Religion) - Research Project Which Will Result in a Critical Edition of English Puritan Dialogues

Pat Naro, Angela Thomason

(Pharmacy) - Study to Evaluate Pharmacy Students' Attitudes of Geriatric Population

John Petrella

(ESSM) - Research Project on Spinal Cord Injuries

Jeffrey Powell

(Math & Computer Science) - Continue Work in Generalizing a Recent Result Due to Dr. Ron Gould, Dr. Brian Wagner, Dr. Thor Whalen and himself

Jennifer Rahn

(Geography) - Collection of Beach Data on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Bradley Sargent

(Music) - Recording Project Involving the Recording of Solo Trumpet Works Accompanied by the Organs Located in Reid and Hodges Chapels

Heather West

(World Languages) - Research Project Regarding the Contribution of Haitians to the Realm of Artistic and Intellectual Project in Contemporary Quebec

Patricia Wood

(Education) - Collaborative Research Effort with a Co-principal Investigator at The College of William and Mary

2006 - 2007

David Bains

(Religion)- Religious Capital: The "National Churches" of Washington, D.C., from Denominational to Post denominational America

Jonathan Bass

(History) - He Calls Me By Lightning: Caliph Washington and the Search for Justice in the South's Courtrooms, Prison Cells, and Death Chambers, 1957-1972

Charles Carson

(Business) - The Business of Government: Seed Money for IBM Center for the Business of Government Grant ($20,000)

Hugh Floyd

(Sociology) - A Continuing Trail of Tears in Emergence of the New South: The Fontana Lake Diaspora

Jackie Goldstein

(Psychology) - Community Mental Health Care in Caring Communities: Defining a Concept of "Community Recovery"

James Jensen

(Performing Arts) - International Artist Residency, Banff Centre

Alan Jung

(ESSM) - Interaction of carbohydrate feeding and exercise on body composition in mice

David Luthin

(Pharmacy) - Development of a pharmacology laboratory supplement to demonstrate pharmacological concepts discussed in PHRD403

Chuck Sands

(ESSM) - Assess the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) of the citizens of Perry County, Alabama.

Fred Shepard

(Political Science) - Guatemala and the Genocide of 1981-1983.

Teresa Wilborn

(Pharmacy) - Effect of drug-metabolizing enzyme genetic variants on drug metabolism

2005 - 2006

Angela Ansah

(Education) - Exploring Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions in a University Setting using Hollins' Structured Dialogue

Charles Carson

(Business) - Development of an Entrepreneurship Research Program

Randolph Horn

(Political Science) - Context and Culture as Constraints on Individual Behavior


(Education) - Professional Development in the Strategic Instruction Model

Moya Nordlund & Kathryn Fouse

(Performing Arts) - Sight Singing and Aural Skills Development: An Instructional Manual

Audrey Oyama

(Nursing) - Improving the Initiation Rates of Breastfeeding in Perry and Dallas Counties through a Dedicated Program of Education of Care Providers and Childbearing Families

Barry Robinson

(History) - Archival Research Project in Central-Western Mexico

Kenneth Roxburgh

(Religion) - The Impact of the Billy Graham 'Scotland Crusade' on the growth and decline of Christianity in Scotland (1947-1963)

Alan Spies

(Pharmacy) - Psychological Contract Violations in Samford University Students and their Affect on Outcomes

Condit Steil

(Pharmacy) - Healthcare Coordination in a Community: A Model for Pharmacy Student Training

Perry Tompkins

(Physics) - Physics Education in Latin America

Brian Toone

(Math & Computer Sciences) - Exploring the Application of Design Patterns with Robotics and AI Applications