Published on September 29, 2017  

We highly recommend you read through this information before you begin using applications from inside Citrix.

Who can use Citrix?

Only current students and employees with a valid Samford user name and password can log into If you are a student and not enrolled and registered for the current term you will not have access.

What operating systems are supported?

Windows and Apple OSX. InCommon RSA Server CA fix for Mac

What applications are available through Citrix?

Employees and students have access to: IBM SPSS Statistics 23, Mathematica 9, Minitab 16 Statistical Software, and Mozilla Firefox.

What is the default storage location being used by Citrix to store files?

Citrix defaults to a network storage location. For employees this would be your home directory or Z drive location. Current (registered) students are granted a 100 megabyte location called student storage. As soon as you are no longer a current student that storage location goes away.

Can the default storage location be changed?

Yes. When saving a document, you can choose a storage location such as your local disk or USB flash drive. However, it will return to the default the next time you save a document.

How do I open and save documents to a network or local drive?

Files must be opened and closed from inside the File Menu inside the application you are using. For example to open or save a Word document you will need to have MS Word opened inside Citrix, click the File menu, then choose the appropriate option to save or open your file.

How do I properly exit an application?

It is very important to note that clicking/tapping the X on an application will not close the session for that application. You must close an application from the File menu. To properly exit click/tap File then exit.