Published on September 29, 2017  
Onedrive Sync Files

To sync your files with OneDrive on a Windows computer, follow these instructions.

Setting Up Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Open File Explorer and click on OneDrive in the left window. (figure)
  2. You'll see a window just like the one pictured. Enter your username (without the "") and password. (figure)
  3. Click "Work or school" in the next window. (figure)
  4. The next window will require your username (with "") and password. (figure)
  5. Click “Next”. You will be asked what files you would like to sync. It is perfectly OK to accept the default setting. 
  6. Click “Open my OneDrive – Samford University folder”
  7. Your OneDrive is now set up. To access quickly, you can go to file manager and open it from the left column. It should appear as in this screenshot: (figure)

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To sync your files with OneDrive on a Mac computer, follow these instructions:

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