Technology Services’ mission is to partner with its customers to achieve their objectives through the effective use of information technology. One of the ways we achieve this is though the completion of projects. As departments across campus seek to improve their educational effectiveness, they may choose to utilize our expertise for the development of applications or generation of reports that serve their purpose.

Technology Project Phases

From a proposal to a production implementation, the project request goes through a number of phases. Technology Services works with the requestor as a project team to research, test and implement solutions.


An initial idea or request is presented for consideration.


IT will assign an analyst or programmer who will work with the requestor as a project team to do research/analysis or planning. The project team gathers requirements to facilitate the project.


After working through the analysis, the project receives the approval to proceed.


The project team develops a work breakdown schedule and determines level of effort. Consideration has to be given for the analyst’s or programmer’s project load, the availability schedule for the project requestor to work on the project, and the target completion date of the project.


The project team performs the work to complete the project. This phase likely includes design, development, testing and deployment. The final requirement is an email sign off from the requestor that the project is ready to be implemented.


A defined period of time, following deployment of the project into production, where the project team remains assigned to the project to address any issues that may arise due to the deployment of the project.


The project has been completed.


Work on the project has been permanently stopped with agreement between the project requestor and Technology Services.


Work on the project has been temporarily stopped with agreement between the project requestor and Technology Services.

External Delay

Progress on the project is delayed by factors/entities outside of the project team’s control such as vendor issues.

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