Because pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is just one component of a successful marketing strategy, we need to review your content and follow up communication processes before we begin crafting your campaign. Academic programs can prepare for the content review by completing the Academic Program Promotion Guide.

We recommend using the Digital Marketing Worksheet to collect all of your information before starting the form.

Program Information

Describe the essence of your program in a couple of sentences.

List the key reasons a prospective student might choose this program over a similar program at another university.

List national awards or recognition granted to your program, students, faculty and alumni.

List the top 5 keywords people might use to search for your program.

Objectives, Goals & Markets

List your primary objective and goal for this campaign followed by secondary and tertiary objectives and goals (i.e. Increase enrollment by 10%, increase visits by 5%, introduce 100 new prospects into our communication flow, receive 50 contact requests, etc.).

Describe your primary target market and their goals. (i.e. professionals aged 24 – 30 seeking to advance their careers)

List the secondary and tertiary target markets and their goals in order of importance.

Describe how this program will help your target market achieve their goals.

Funding & Additional Requirements

Describe what you do to close the sale once you receive a lead.

Contact Information

Please provide the contact information for the individual responsible for this campaign.