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Sample Program Page

Program Identification

Program Overview

Describe the essence of your program in one or two paragraphs.

List the typical personality traits of students who will typically be successful in this program.

List the core knowledge, skills and concepts successful graduates will gain during this course of study.

List the key reasons a prospective student might choose this program over a similar program at another university.

Career Preparation

Describe the ways in which this program specifically prepares students for their future careers.

List some of the potential career paths graduates might pursue with this degree.

List companies and organizations where students have held internships.

List companies and organizations where students have held fellowships.

Accolades & Alumni

List national awards or recognition granted to your program, students, faculty and alumni.

List notable alumni along with a corresponding year of graduation.

List nationally recognized faculty along with the award or recognition and year recognized.

Provide student, alumni or industry leader testimonials. Be sure to include the following: name, year of graduation, current job title and company or organization name.

Suggested Media

Enter the url of an introductory YouTube or Vimeo video for this program, or schedule a video shoot.

Select photos for this page or request a photo shoot.

Contact Information

Please provide the contact information for the individual responsible for this program.