Joy  Wilkoff

Joy Wilkoff

Standing: Sophomore
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Throughout all four years of high school, Joy served as a student ambassador, representing her school to the community and helping peers adapt to the challenges of high school. She was also a member of German club for all four years, eventually becoming the secretary her senior year. Balancing her arduous academic career with her commitment to bettering the community, Joy spent much of her time volunteering with organizations such as the UAB Center for Psychiatric Medicine, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the UAB Kirklin Clinic, and Irondale Middle School. In addition to volunteering, Joy dedicated time to studying piano, eventually competing at both the AMTA District and State Piano Contests. Her most prized accomplishment was acting as editor of her school’s literary and arts magazine, Counterpane, her senior year. At Samford, Joy hopes to continue pursuing her love of music and creative writing as well as furthering herself both in academia and as an individual.