Published on September 2, 2020  


Dear Samford students, faculty and staff,

Beginning this week, I will be writing to you regularly, at least once each week and more often as needed, with COVID-19 updates.  As always, your best and most immediate source of information will be found at the university’s coronavirus website and the Guide for Returning to Campus which are updated regularly.

As we take additional steps into this semester, it is now time to begin the regular, follow-up testing that we have previously announced as part of our overall plan to keep our campus community healthy.  Our process will involve sentinel (random) testing of approximately 3% of all students and employees each week. Additionally, we will conduct focused or cluster testing as needed.  If, for instance, we see the emergence of slightly larger than anticipated numbers of COVID-19 cases in certain areas of the campus, we will devote immediate attention to those areas.  These focused and random tests will begin immediately and will continue throughout the semester, so don’t be surprised if you are selected for inclusion.  If selected, participation is mandatory and you should respond promptly.  I recognize that this poses an additional hardship for each of us, but the goal is to do our best to prevent an outbreak.  Testing is one means of accomplishing that goal.

Please remember that all employees and students are required to immediately report to confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19; or exposure to an individual with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.  Reports shall be made within two hours of first obtaining any reportable information.

We are in the process of revising our dashboard information on the COVID-19 website to better reflect the range of information we receive each day.  In addition, you may want to follow the COVID-19 updates available through the Jefferson County Department of Health, the Alabama Department of Public Health and the CDC

Finally, “mask, wash, distance.”  If we want to go the distance to Thanksgiving, we must adhere to these basic responsibilities, each one of us.  If not for yourself, for the good of others.

Stay safe, Samford.  Best… Buck

Harry B. Brock III (Buck)
Executive Vice President
Samford University

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