Published on September 17, 2020  

Students and employees,

This week’s message is all about you and the great work you are doing to preserve the health of our campus community.  Because of your commitment to following COVID-19 protocols we are seeing very few positive cases on our campus.  Keep up the good work!

You can stay up to date with the number of reported cases on our campus by consulting the COVID-19 dashboard.  You’ll notice that nearly 40% of our overall positive cases were reported during a seven-day period from August 31-September 6.  Since we began keeping records in July, we have had only six days in which our new case count was in double digits.  This is encouraging news, but we cannot stop now.

With just 68 days until we break for Thanksgiving, now is the time to be extra diligent in our mitigation efforts.  Please remember to mask, wash, distance and report!  In order for us to complete the semester on campus, it’s going to take all of us continuing to work together.  We can do this!

In the weeks ahead as we expand our capabilities for COVID-19 testing on campus, we expect to see increased numbers of diagnosed cases among our community, particularly as we engage in testing students and employees who are not exhibiting symptoms.  As we’ve learned from other universities, while this approach to testing may yield higher positive case reports, it will allow us insights to the prevalence of COVID-19 on our campus and allow us to promptly address emerging hotspots.

Thank you for continuing to unite around this common goal—let’s continue to preserve the health of our community.  The Bulldogs are back, and let’s do all we can to stay until Thanksgiving.

Take Care…Buck

Harry B. Brock III (Buck)
Executive Vice President
Samford University

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