Ongoing testing is an important part of Samford’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among Samford’s campus community. Random sentinel testing of asymptomatic students and employees allows us to be better informed of the existence of COVID-19 on campus and the potential for emerging hotspots. For the Fall 2021 semester, students and employees who choose to provide verification of vaccination using the university’s Vaccination Response Form will be suspended from random sentinel testing requirements. Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 in the previous 90 days or those currently in quarantine are exempt from testing. Students who are enrolled in fully online programs who will not be on campus during the fall semester also are exempt from testing.

The university employs a multilevel approach to on-campus testing, consisting of focused rapid-antigen and random PCR sentinel testing. Test results are available either at the test site or online usually within 36 hours.

Selected individuals will receive an email to schedule a COVID-19 test. Please immediately read and follow the email instructions regarding test arrangements. Look for emails from . Any questions related to testing should be sent to: (students) or (employees).

Required Fall 2021 Baseline Testing

As was the case last year, Samford requires a negative PCR test for all employees and students at the start of the Fall 2021 semester. Required community testing allows us to establish a clear baseline independent of prior experiences, potential exposures, new variants and unknown caseloads. Entry testing also allows any potential cases to be identified before returning to campus. Access to free test kits on campus or through the mail will be provided to all students and employees in August. Alternatively, students and employees may choose to provide a negative PCR test result obtained from their personal healthcare provider at their own expense. Either way, a negative PCR test result must be submitted at the beginning of the fall semester or within seven days preceding return to campus if later in the fall.

For students, all Required Baseline Tests must be administered within seven days prior to your first return to campus.

For employees, all Required Baseline Tests must be administered August 16-18 with results on file no later than August 23.

For additional details, view the COVID-19 Update sent on July 27 to employees and students.

  • Option 1: If you live in the Birmingham metro area, Samford will offer on-campus testing in August prior to the start of the fall semester. Test samples will be collected and delivered to the lab for processing. For the dates of the on-campus testing clinics, view the COVID-19 Updates sent on July 27 to employees and students.
  • Option 2: For those who will not be in Birmingham during the on-campus testing period, a test kit should be requested now and will be mailed at no cost to a provided address. As was the case last fall and again in January, we are using Everlywell as our test kit provider. Detailed instructions will be provided with your test kit. Employees and students can request a test kit. Those choosing to receive a test kit by mail will self-administer the test and mail the sample on a specified date to allow sufficient time for processing results. Instructions will be included with the kit.
  • FOR EITHER OPTION 1 OR 2, please make sure you have created an account at prior to attending the on-campus clinic or receiving your test kit in the mail. Most students and employees should already have an account on file with Everlywell since they provided testing services for the university last year. You will need to use the email address you provided during your initial registration to register your test kit and access your results.
  • Option 3: Students and employees may elect to provide a PCR test result from a personal healthcare provider. All tests must be administered within the seven days immediately prior to the university receiving your result. Samford does not accept test results from home testing kits. Employees selecting this option must upload their negative PCR test result to the university portal at You may submit a negative PCR result from samples taken via nasal swab, oral rinse, or any FDA approved administration technique.

Employees and students who have tested positive for COVID-19 since June 1, 2021 should not retest but instead should upload documentation of their previous positive COVID-19 test result at

If you are enrolled in a fully online program or participating in clinical rotations or internships and will not be on campus at any time during the fall semester, you are not required to complete the Reentry Baseline Testing.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a negative test result on file with Samford before the start of the Fall 2021 academic semester. Check to confirm your test result is on file and you are cleared to reenter campus.

If you have questions about Required Reentry Baseline Testing, email (students) or (employees).

Testing by Request

As an added measure to promote campus well-being, Samford is providing rapid-antigen COVID-19 testing to any recognized student organization or department upon request at no cost to the group.

To receive this service, if you are a student, you may contact

If you are an employee, you may contact

Testing FAQs