Ongoing testing is an important part of Samford’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among Samford’s campus community. Testing of asymptomatic students and employees allows us to be better informed of the existence of COVID-19 on campus and the potential for emerging hotspots. The test information is critical to our efforts to continue in-person instruction and on-campus residential life.

A two-pronged approach to on-campus testing is underway, consisting of focused and random sentinel testing.  Testing is performed on campus using a self-administered swab just inside the nostril that is easy and painless.  Test results are available either at the test site or online within 36 hours. 

You may receive an email notifying you of your selection for focused or sentinel COVID-19 testing.  If so, you should immediately read and follow the email instructions regarding test arrangements.  Look for emails from and Samford’s test provider

Register for Testing

All employees and students who will be on campus at any time during the fall semester should create an account at using your email address.  The registration process is very simple and requires only a few minutes of time. All account registrations should be completed no later than Wednesday, October 1.  Students who previously created a Verily account as a part of the entry testing by GuideSafe are already registered. To view the steps for creating an account, see the short instructional video.

Focused Testing

In order to monitor the health of the Samford community, the university is conducting focused testing of students and employees. This testing allows the university to promptly respond to any suspected increase in COVID-19 exposures in a specific campus location or within an identified group of individuals who may be more likely to have contracted COVID-19. Focused testing began on September 3 and will continue throughout the fall semester.

Random Sentinel Testing

Sentinel testing is COVID-19 testing program that tests a random sample of individuals within our Samford community (faculty, staff and students) to monitor campus prevalence. This data will help us understand the underlying prevalence of COVID-19 within our campus community and will allow us to promptly respond to changes in infection rates on campus.

Sentinel testing will begin on campus the week of September 7 and participation is mandatory for students and employees who are working, attending class or living on Samford’s campus this fall. Individuals enrolled in a fully online program who will not be on campus at any time during the fall semester are excluded from testing. Employees who are working remotely this semester are also excluded.

Sentinel Testing Process

  • Each week, approximately 3% of students and employees on campus will be randomly selected for COVID-19 testing.
  • If you are selected you will receive an email from asking you to schedule an appointment for COVID-19 random sentinel testing. If you receive this e-mail, please click on the link provided to log into your Verily account and complete the pre-test symptoms screen and select an appointment time from the options listed.
  • The sentinel testing selection process is random, so it is possible you may be selected on repeat occasions, and even within a few days of a prior test.  If you are selected for testing within two weeks of a prior test and do not wish to be tested again, forward the most recent email to to let us know that you decline the test.
  • The test consists of an observed nasal self-swab. A member of the testing team will observe each self-test to ensure accuracy and provide coaching if needed. You will be contacted within 36 hours with results.
    • If you test negative for COVID-19, you will receive results via email within 36 hours of testing.
    • If you test positive for COVID-19, you will receive a call to give you next steps on how to protect yourself and others around you.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 12 weeks or if you are currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, you should opt-out of sentinel testing.

Entry Testing

As part of the university’s plans to Bring Back the Bulldogs, all Samford students and employees coming to campus for the fall semester completed a COVID-19 test prior to entering campus. View the results of entry testing on our COVID-19 dashboard.

Testing Questions?

If you are a student and have questions or concerns about Samford’s testing requirements, you should send them to

In case of questions or concerns, employees should contact Human Resources at

Testing FAQs