NOTE: Vaccinated persons may have certain testing requirements suspended as circumstances and CDC guidance allow. 

Random Sentinel Testing

Ongoing testing has been a central part of our COVID-19 response since the pandemic began. Random sentinel testing of asymptomatic students and employees allows us to be better informed of the existence of COVID-19 on campus and the potential for emerging hotspots. 

If you receive an email to schedule a COVID-19 test, please immediately read and follow the email instructions regarding test arrangements. Look for emails from Any questions related to testing should be sent to: (students) or (employees).

Testing by Request

As an added measure to promote campus well-being, Samford is providing rapid-antigen COVID-19 testing to individuals or any recognized student organization or department upon request at no cost to the group.

To receive this service, if you are a student, you may contact

If you are an employee, you may contact

Testing FAQs