Beeson Divinity School
Title Posted
Dean, Beeson Divinity School 10-31-2018
College of Health Sciences
Title Posted
Executive Director, Interprofessional Education, Practice and Scholarship 08-07-2018
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
Title Posted
Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences 11-16-2018
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy 10-18-2018
Assistant Professor, Latin America, Department of History 10-18-2018
Associate Professor and Director, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 10-18-2018
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 10-09-2018
Chair, Department of History 10-09-2018
Chair, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and Communication Studies 11-16-2018
Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures 11-16-2018
Chair, Department of Political Science 10-09-2018
Part-time Faculty, Mammalian Anatomist 07-02-2018
Ida Moffett School of Nursing
Title Posted
Nursing Administration, Graduate Faculty Position 07-03-2018
Orlean Beeson School of Education
Title Posted
Part-time Faculty, School of Education (various positions) 08-08-2018
School of Health Professions
Title Posted
Assistant or Associate Professor of Anatomy, Department of Physical Therapy 10-17-2017
Assistant or Associate Professor and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Department of Occupational Therapy 08-08-2018
Assistant or Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology 06-04-2018
Assistant or Associate Professor of Sport Administration, Department of Kinesiology 07-03-2018
School of Public Health
Title Posted
Chair, Department of Healthcare Administration 12-07-2017
Dietetic Internship Clinical Coordinator 08-08-2018
School of the Arts
Title Posted
Assistant Professor of Digital Arts, Department of Art 10-19-2018

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