Beeson Divinity School
Title Posted
Anglican Chair of Divinity, Associate/Full Professor (9 mo-TT) 11-20-2019
Howard College of Arts and Sciences
Title Posted
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Department of Math and Computer Science (9-month, TT) 10-10-2019
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (TT, 9 month) 10-07-2019
Chair, Department of Physics and Director of Christenberry Planetarium (9 mo-TT) 10-23-2019
Ida Moffett School of Nursing
Title Posted
Nursing Instructor Clinical Associate (9 month, NTT) 01-17-2020
School of the Arts
Title Posted
Assistant or Associate Professor/Director Music Education (Choral Emphasis) 9 month-TT 10-21-2019
Assistant/Associate Professor of Piano (9 month, TT) 10-23-2019

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