Officers and Ex-Officio Voting Members


Robb Hensarling
Phone: 205-726-2312


Scott McGinnis
Phone: 205-726-4260


Tommy Kopec
Phone: 205-726-4713

Immediate Past-Chair

Mandy Hilsmier
Phone: 205-726-4047

At Large Members

Elizabeth Dobbins
Brad Diamond

Faculty Senate Email: 

Ex-Officio, Nonvoting Members

Chair of each standing committee of the university as defined in the Faculty Handbook A1.5.9.

Representatives By School


Mark Lackey
Lauren Evans
Brad Diamond
Don Sandley

Arts and Sciences

Paul Wiget
Brad Bennett
Mary McCullough
LeeAnn Reynolds
Charlotte Brammer
Keith Putt
Shannon Flynt
Jeffery Leonard
Betsey Emmons
Jennifer Layton
Serena Simoni
Betsy Dobbins


Art Carden
Larry Harper
Anna Leigh Stone


Mark Devine
Frank Thielman


Kristie Chandler
Mary Yakimowski
David Finn

Health Professions

Allison Jackson
Nick Washmuth
John Hurt
Chris Ballman


Mike DeBow
Paul Kuruk


Lance Day
Keta Harmon


Amanda Barron
Lori Harrison
Angela WIlson
Terri Cahoon
Jennifer Coleman


Katie Boyd
Erika Cretton-Scott
Danielle Cruthirds
Cheryl Cropp

Public Health

Christson Adedoyin
Lakesha Kinnerson

Meetings for 2021-2022 Academic Year

Faculty Senate Meetings

September 13 – DBH 131 - Brock Forum
October 4 – DBH 131 - Brock Forum
November 8 – DBH 131 - Brock Forum
January 24
February 14
March 14
April 11

Each meeting will begin at 3 p.m.

Full Faculty Meetings

Tuesday, Augu 24 (faculty workshop) – 11 AM
December 9 at 10AM – Location TBA
April 21 at 10AM – Location TBA

Senate Executive Council Meetings

Tuesday, Sept 7
Tuesday, September 27
Monday, November 1
Monday, Dec 6
Monday, Jan 10
Monday, Feb 7
Monday, Feb 28
Monday, April 4

Basic Parliamentary Procedure for Faculty Senate Meetings

Instructions for Loading Minutes into Sharepoint

1. Go to site:
2. Click on "Minutes of committee meetings of the Faculty Senate" link under Libraries (left hand navigation panel)
3. Select the folder to which you wish to upload document.
4. Choose applicable option below:

If you have an "Add document button":
1. Click on "Add document".
2. Click on "Choose File" button.
3. Select document to upload.
4. Click "OK".

If you don't have an "Add document button":
1. Select "Documents" under the Library Tools tab in the top ribbon
2. Click on "Upload Document" (2nd icon in top ribbon)
3. Click on "Choose File"
4. Select document to upload.
5. Click "OK".

Minutes are loaded into site.

Additional Notes:

  1. The proper format for naming minutes is: Year-Month-Day Minutes—abbreviated committee name, i.e. “2010-02-07 Minutes—Handbook Committee.”
  2. At end of year, a hard copy of minutes must be printed out, signed and dated by the chair of  the committee and forwarded to the office of the provost for permanent safekeeping in the university archives.