Academic Affairs Committee
Academic Technology & Learning Committee
Athletics Committee
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Committee
Campus Life Committee
Diversity Committee
Elections Committee
Enrollment Committee
General Education Committee
International Studies Committee
University Curriculum Committee

Committee Chairs

Academic Affairs – Don Olive, Arts & Sciences
Academic Technology and Learning – Jonathan Fleming, Arts & Sciences
Athletics – Erin Gilchrist, Education
Business Affairs and Faculty Welfare – Scott Bickel, Health Professions
Campus Life – Michelle Newberry, Business
Curriculum – Howard Finch, Business
Diversity – Andrea Bowens, Health Professions
Elections – Joel Davis, Arts
Enrollment – Kristie Chandler, Education
General Education - Clay Carey, Arts & Sciences
Global Engagement  – Cliff Eason, Business


Committee Membership
Committee Name School
Academic Affairs Joe Cory Arts
Academic Affairs Don Olive Arts & Sciences
Academic Affairs Will Kynes Arts & Sciences
Academic Affairs Jack Berry Arts & Sciences
Academic Affairs Joy Buchanan Business
Academic Affairs Pyotr Malysz Divinity
Academic Affairs Mary Yakimowski Education
Academic Affairs Sarah Ross Health Professions
Academic Affairs Jeff Anderson Law
Academic Affairs Cheryl Cecil Libraries
Academic Affairs Andrea Collins Nursing
Academic Affairs Stephen Brown Pharmacy
Academic Affairs Jean Roberson Public Health
Academic Technology & Learning Steven Potaczek Arts
Academic Technology & Learning Jonathan Fleming Arts & Sciences
Academic Technology & Learning Cynthia Lohrke Business
Academic Technology & Learning Sydney Park Divinity
Academic Technology & Learning Amanda Stone Education
Academic Technology & Learning Kelly Jackson Health Professions
Academic Technology & Learning Ed Martin Law
Academic Technology & Learning Elizabeth Levkoff Derouchie Libraries
Academic Technology & Learning Jill Pence Nursing
Academic Technology & Learning Dave Luthin Pharmacy
Academic Technology & Learning David Robbins Public Health
Athletics Aaron Brakke Arts
Athletics Corey Johnson Arts & Sciences
Athletics Matt Mazzei Business
Athletics David Parks Divinity
Athletics Erin Gilchrist Education
Athletics Patrick Marsh Health Professions
Athletics Matthew Woodham Law
Athletics Sarah Cooper Libraries
Athletics Betty Key Nursing
Athletics Melanie Manis Pharmacy
Athletics Keith Pearson Public Health
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Brian Viliunas Arts
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Malia Fincher Arts & Sciences
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Rusty Yerkes Business
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Robert Smith Divinity
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Jeanelle Day Education
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Scott Bickel Health Professions
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Tim McFarlin Law
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Leigh Jones Libraries
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Moniaree Jones Nursing
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Cheryl Cropp Pharmacy
Business Affairs & Faculty Welfare Carol Ratcliff Public Health
Campus Life Ryan Lovell Arts
Campus Life David Bains Arts & Sciences
Campus Life Chris Pursell Arts & Sciences
Campus Life Tiffany Robayna Arts & Sciences
Campus Life Michelle Newberry Business
Campus Life Gordon Bals Divinity
Campus Life Celeste Hill Education
Campus Life Justin Moody Health Professions
Campus Life Matthew Woodham Law
Campus Life Burns Kennedy Libraries
Campus Life Jill Hightower Nursing
Campus Life Crystal Deas Pharmacy
Campus Life Megan Kaal Public Health
Curriculum Beth McGinnis Arts
Curriculum James Strange rts & Sciences
Curriculum David Garza Arts & Sciences
Curriculum Taylor Cyr Arts & Sciences
Curriculum Howard Finch Business
Curriculum Paul House Divinity
Curriculum Jodi Newton Education
Curriculum Rebecca Rogers Health Professions
Curriculum Brandon Denning Law
Curriculum Lori Northrup Libraries
Curriculum Amanda Barron Nursing
Curriculum John Arnold Pharmacy
Curriculum Kim Davey Public Health
Diversity Mary Gurney Arts
Diversity Niya Pickett Miller Arts & Sciences
Diversity Jennifer Rahn Arts & Sciences
Diversity Dieter Waldvogel Arts & Sciences
Diversity Bill Belski Business
Diversity Douglas Webster Divinity
Diversity Jane Cobia Education
Diversity Andrea Bowens Health Professions
Diversity Tracey Roberts Law
Diversity Lauren Young Libraries
Diversity Stephanie Wynn Nursing
Diversity Lan Bui Pharmacy
Diversity Dennis McCay Public Health
Elections Joel Davis Arts
Elections Mingwei Sun Arts & Sciences
Elections Kevin Pan Business
Elections Stefana Dan Laing Divinity
Elections Karen Birkenfeld Education
Elections Courteney Benjamin Health Professions
Elections Alyssa Di Russo Law
Elections Lance Day Libraries
Elections Lisa Gurley Nursing
Elections Megan Roberts Pharmacy
Elections Clara Darling Public Health
Enrollment Michael Averett Arts
Enrollment Anthony Overton Arts & Sciences
Enrollment David Luginbuhl Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Drew Hataway Arts & Sciences
Enrollment Cameron Pearce Business
Enrollment Carl Beckwith Divinity
Enrollment Kristie Chandler Education
Enrollment Anna Webb Health Professions
Enrollment Jeff Anderson Law
Enrollment Carla Waddell Libraries
Enrollment Heidi Callaghan Nursing
Enrollment Valerie Prince Pharmacy
Enrollment Lakesha Kinnerson Public Health
General Education Ryan Misner Arts
General Education Frank Patane Arts & Sciences
General Education David Shipley Arts & Sciences
General Education Clay Carey Arts & Sciences
General Education Roy Ciampa Arts & Sciences
General Education Julianne Sandberg Arts & Sciences
General Education Dave Garza Arts & Sciences
General Education Jim Reburn Business
General Education Celeste Hill Education
General Education John Petrella Health Professions
General Education Becky Hyde Libraries
General Education Lora Shelton Nursing
General Education Jonathan Thigpen Pharmacy
General Education Rachel Casiday Public Health
Global Engagement Morgan Soja Arts
Global Engagement Marigene Chamberlain Arts & Sciences
Global Engagement Doug Clapp Arts & Sciences
Global Engagement Cliff Eason Business
Global Engagement Jonathan Linebaugh Divinity
Global Engagement David Finn Education
Global Engagement Kelly Atkins Health Professions
Global Engagement Ramona Albin Law
Global Engagement Peng Mu Libraries
Global Engagement Ashley Turner Nursing
Global Engagement Patricia (Patty) Jumbo Pharmacy
Global Engagement Rachel Hagues Public Health
Global Engagement Anthony Minnema Arts & Sciences