Published on March 20, 2020 by Julie Fletcher Mincey, Director of Greek Life, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  

Hey everyone! We are still rolling along in Greek Life. Luis Aponte and myself are engaging students in Zoom Calls regularly since we’ve been remote. Our main focus has been virtual engagement and a sense of community (as best we can). We are working closely with chapter presidents to continue to engage the 1750+ fraternity/sorority community from afar. I also recorded our Zoom call with chapter presidents and advisors and then emailed it out for those who missed.

Chapters are getting really creative with connection options other than social media. They are also brainstorming ideas to honor seniors in their chapters.

Today I had a virtual lunch with a colleague at Purdue. It feels like a great time to share a meal and time with colleagues to learn about what’s going on with their institution/department etc. If you’re hungry and want to catch up, let me know!

Zoom has been really helpful, but also MS Teams for office business. Within our “Team” we’ve created to do lists and tasks in “Planner” and “staff notebook”. I believe we will continue to use MS Teams once we return to campus. OneDrive has also been great! I feel like we are creative and adaptable. I’m also determined to figure out a way to virtually play a game of “Family” that we learned how to play at a recent student conference.