Step Sing

Step Sing began as a sing-along on the steps of Renfroe Hall at the Howard College East Lake Campus in 1951. It was held once a semester and soon became a competition. In 1957, Howard College moved to its present location on Lakeshore Drive, bringing with it the tradition of Step Sing. In 1976, Step Sing moved to its current home in Wright Center Concert Hall.

Under the direction of the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Student Activities and Events, Step Sing is organized by students, including musical arrangement, choreography and costume design. Step Sing has become an educational activity in which students participate through leadership development, organizational administration and time management. Students perform three days to sold-out audiences. It continues to be one of Samford's most popular traditions, and is a popular event not only among students, but also prospective students, employees, alumni and the Birmingham community.


Magic City Woodworks

Step Sing is thrilled to partner this year with Magic City Woodworks as the 2018 Step Sing Philanthropy!

Magic City Woodworks is a social impact company designed to help young men bridge the intimidating gap between unemployment and meaningful employment. Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, this organization provides a unique opportunity for apprentices that join their team to receive high caliber job and life skill training. Magic City Woodworks is built on faith, hope, and good old fashioned hard work.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to support the work of Magic City Woodworks and help them bring in new apprentices. We hope you will consider donating to this incredible organization and help Step Sing make a meaningful impact on our city!

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