Support the Daniel House

Given the age and consistent use of the Daniel House over the years, the university is embarking on a major renovation and house improvement project to help restore its history and ensure it is accessible to students for years to come. The project will also entail developing a plan to make better use of the home’s resources so that more students can be accommodated and most rooms can host dual purposes.

The Daniel House is so important to our university and Samford students’ development that it is key for Daniel House alumni to be involved. As part of the Forever Samford campaign, fundraising efforts are targeted at significant Daniel House renovations. To meet this goal, the university along with alumni are identifying “Daniel House Champions”, former inhabitants of the home who are reaching out to their cohorts to lead encourage giving to the renovation project.

Daniel House Champions will focus on reuniting their study abroad cohort groups to help fund parts of the house most meaningful to them. As a team, making small recurring gifts will make significant differences and solidify their cohort’s mark on the home. For instance, a group of five making monthly gifts of $83.00 or a group of ten committing to $50.00 a month for five years will fund the remodel of a bedroom or sitting room. This comes with an opportunity to name the room for a cohort, or a friend or mentor, leaving that history in the home forever.

Daniel House Update Graphic

Donor Honor Roll

Rhonda & Robert Adams
Autumn Adams '17
Sarah Bailey '16
Erin Basinger '08
Barbara & Chris Blackerby '88*
Britney Blalock '08
Joni Blalock
Susan Neville Blazer '91 & Chris Blazer '91
Karen Eubanks Brantley '98 & Mitchell Brantley '96
Emma Breeden '10
Kimberly Hardwick Burgess '03 & Matthew Burgess  '03
Lauren Byrd '11
The Todd and Karen Carlisle Family Fund
David Chapman
Laura Allen Chapman '96
Erin Colwell '97
Leslie & Christian Corts '94
Jordan Cox '13
Andrew Crosson '10* 
Elizabeth Cuenin '10
Lynn & Mark Davidson '92*
Sarah Elizabeth DeMaria '91
Barbara & Larry Doss
Lauren Doss '08*
Leonardus Eason '95
Candace Echols '00
Mary Jane Edwards
Diane Hawkins Eggert
Elissa England '08
Amanda Ennis '04 & Matthew Ennis '03
Hays Estes & Houston Estes '04
Heidi B. Evans '96 & Somerville Evans '99
Melanie Pennington Ezell '89 & Chase Ezell '88*
William Fine '12
Rosemary Mims Fisk '77 & Howard Walthall
Bernadette Beavers Forrest '16
Melissa Francis '97
Katherine Fuller '11
Stacia Sinclair Gaines '87 & Matt Gaines
Stacy Gay
Gina & Brian George '88*
Clara Gerhardt '04
Courtney Fenwick Goodman '07 & Alex Goodman '03
Leah Graves '08
Brenda & David Hall
T. Brooks Hanrahan '16
Lere & Larry Harper
Kathryn Harrell '08
Christina Vickman Hayes '12
Allie Haywood '16
Charles Hebert
Logan Heim '12*
Teresa Parker Hemphill '97 & Clayton Hemphill '97
Amanda Hill '16
Analeigh Horton '15
Mackenzie Morris Housman '06 & Ryan Housman
Paula Smith Hovater '69 & Rodney Hovater '67
Ginger & Bruce Hoven '65
Keidel Hughes '17
Jane Marie Hutcheson '13*
Caroline Janeway '08
Daniel Bruce Johnson '06
Hayley Jordan '10
Allison Kanne '16*
Emily Breckenridge Kitchens '05 & Greg Kitchens '07
Alison Lollar '01
Laura Markham '17
Melinda McEachern Mathews '78 & Joseph Mathews
Mary McCullough
Bethany McCoy '08 & Kyle L. McCoy '07
Caitlin Taylor McKee '10
Ellen McLaughlin
Grace Miserocchi '16
Sharon Moore '08
Heather '03 & Chris Morris
Carol & Ronnie Mosley
Benjamin Mosteller '08
Abigail Newberry '08
Sarah Nolin '17
Kathryn Ormsbee '11
Anna Patton '16
Daina & Randy Pittman
Peggy Sanderford Ponder '86 & Morgan Sanderford Ponder
Karen Rogers Register '85 & Alan Register '85
Katie Riegle '08
Thomas Riley '94
Jonathan Robinson '07
Elizabeth Mayse Roland '00 & Jason Roland '00*
Stacy Sallmen
Lasaundra Scott
Madison Schneider '15
Michelle Milton Seibert '80
Silvergirl Designs (Shannon Sykes '98)
Liz Simmons '06*
Laura Smith '05 & Roe Smith '08
Victoria Stone Smith '10 & Samuel Smith '08
Mary Kathryn Covert Steel '07*
Elizabeth Wells Stokes '97 & Charles Stokes '97*
Karen Templeton
Traci Thomas
Casey Thompson '13
Mary Virginia Thompson '77
Meryl Thomson-Ober '08
Dana Kaita Vague '08 & Chesley Vague '08
Cynthia Ware
Emily Wehner '15
Andrew Wells '08
Rhonda White
Vail Jenkins Williams '76 & Mitch Williams '75
Leslie Wilson '06*
Barry Young
*Daniel House Champions – alumni and faculty volunteers providing campaign leadership.