Samford Gives Back provides an entry point for Samford students to be exposed to the greater Birmingham community, meet a specific need of a community agency or entity, and initiate relationships beyond Samford's campus. A student-led leadership team organizes and plans the event with supervision from the director of community engagement.

Coronavirus Cancellation Information

Campus events and visits through the end of the spring semester are either postponed or canceled. The Office of Events Management will contact event hosts with additional details. May 2020 commencement ceremonies have been postponed.

students washing a van
2020 Samford Gives Back
April 4, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Location: Wright Center, Community Service

Students will meet in The Wright Center at 8 a.m. for a brief orientation session and then disperse to serve with their chosen community partners until around 12 p.m. Participating students receive a free Samford Gives Back t-shirt and breakfast, and earn 4 convocation credits.

About the Mann Center


Students form their own Samford Gives Back groups. Any existing student group, meaning anything from Greek organizations to RUF to the Pre-Pharmacy Club, can form a Samford Gives Back group. In addition, students may come together to form an informal, temporary group, such as a freshman hall or a recreational Frisbee team, to register for the event. Individuals without a group can sign up and will be give options about where to serve with an already appointed student leader.

Each group will have one leader who is the point person between the individuals in the group, the Mann Center, and the community partner site where the group will serve.

Groups find their own community partner to serve with. It is usually best to work with a community partner with whom the group has worked previously so that a relationship that already exists is strengthened. The Mann Center is always available to help groups find a partner if a group cannot find an organization to pair with.

On the day of the event, all participants meet in the Wright Center to pick up their t-shirts and breakfast, and to swipe their student ID for convo credit. After the opening ceremony, groups leave and head to their sites. Groups are responsible for their own transportation. After 12 p.m., participants are free to go. There is no closing ceremony.