Posted by William Nunnelley on 2004-06-08

Samford University will provide free of charge to every incoming freshman a pocket-size computer device that can store up to 45 times the capacity of a floppy disk.

The device--a USB drive--is less than three inches long, looks a little like a key and fits handily on a key chain. Students can plug the device into a computer and store documents, pictures, presentations, notes and any other data. They can take the device with them and use it on lab and classroom computers around campus.

"The floppy disk has long been the standard in portable storage of computer documents but presentations and other large documents often exceed the capacity of a floppy disk," said Samford Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer Alan Hargrave.

"The USB drive solves this problem by offering the same convenience and ease of use as a floppy disk and it operates faster, is easier to carry and has significantly greater storage capacity."

Samford will distribute USB drives--which are imprinted with the Samford logo--to approximately 680 entering freshmen during orientation sessions in June.