Posted by Philip Poole on 2005-11-16

Samford University's presidential search committee met Nov. 11-12. The following statement was issued by search committee co-chairs Albert Brewer and Hobart Grooms Jr.:

"This meeting of the presidential search committee was our most intense and productive to date as we continued to review the qualifications of those candidates that we believe are most qualified to be the next president of Samford University. As the search enters the next phase, we ask for the continuing prayers of the Samford community as we work toward the time when we involve our constituent review panels in the process.

Every nomination and application has been carefully reviewed by every search committee member. We believe, at this point, that we have a sufficient number of prospects to move forward in the process.

We continue to be aware of the time frame established by President Corts' announced plans for retirement, and we are committed to conduct the search in the way that is best for Samford University and on a timeline that works best for Samford. We are grateful for the understanding and cooperative spirit of the Samford community as we continue that process."