Posted by Mary Wimberley on 2006-12-22

Samford University will enroll about 1,200 students during Jan Term, the school's short term between fall and spring semesters.

Many students will participate in study abroad programs. About 70 will study in England while based at Samford's Daniel House in London. They will study such topics as pharmacy and health care in Great Britain, international accounting, mass media, art appreciation, international foods and nursing.

About 25 students will study intermediate and advanced Spanish in Costa Rica., while 20 others will study classics and art history in Rome, Italy.

Other globe-trotting Samford students will study physics at an international seminar in Mexico, the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, economics in Peru, and the narratives and culture of the East while in Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar.

Jan term classes begin on the Samford campus January 3.