Posted by Cathy Reisenwitz on 2007-09-04

While high school juniors and seniors considering Samford University are certainly welcome to visit the campus on any Saturday, they will make the most of the trip by participating in a Preview Day. The next Preview Day Saturday, September 22, will provide prospective students an opportunity to further acquaint themselves with Samford.

Samford President Andrew Westmoreland and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Phil Kimrey will speak to Preview Day participants. Also, Matt Kerlin, University Minister, will discuss Samford's Christian environment.

The four-hour Preview Day information session led by the Student Recruitment Team will prove invaluable to prospective students. Current Samford students who volunteer for the Team tell their individual Samford stories. The Team will answer questions from prospective students on everything from academic rigor and their intended majors to dorm life, organizations, community service and Student Ministries. The diversity and size of the Student Recruitment Team ensure a variety of information, opinions and perspectives.

The Academic Fair will clear up any lingering questions about majors and departments. There, students talk with department representatives and get more information on programs.

Parents ask questions and receive information in a separate session that covers financial aid, admission information, scholarships, weekend activities, safety, campus values, the Christian environment and more.

Students also meet one-on-one with a current student from his or her area to answer any remaining questions and discuss essays and resumes.

A campus tour includes at least one residence hall visit.

"There's not going to be a day, ever, where students can get as much information," said Jason Black, Assistant Director, Samford Office of Admission.

Students attending Preview Day also have the opportunity to arrange to stay overnight and attend classes on campus later.

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