Posted by Alan Hargrave on 2008-02-20

To All Samford Employees and Students

Last week Samford initiated a new emergency alert service. In doing so, every current student and employee was automatically subscribed to the service (for emergency notification by e-mail) and should have received an e-mail message from our service provider, Rave Wireless. It has come to our attention that several individuals may have doubted the authenticity of the message since it did not come from a Samford e-mail address. With e-mail scams so prevalent these days this is understandable. Rest assured that Rave Wireless is our provider for emergency alerts so messages they deliver on our behalf should be trusted.

For those who may have missed the original message, it is repeated below. We encourage everyone to take full advantage of this system by registering a mobile telephone number so that you can receive timely alerts in emergency situations. The web address for the system is:

Thank you,

Bobby Breed

Director of Campus Safety

Alan Hargrave

Associate Provost and CIO