Posted by Bill Nunnelley on 2008-10-14

Two faculty members of Samford University's Beeson Divinity School published major monographs with Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press in October.

Dr. Carl L. Beckwith had his monograph, Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity: From "De Fide" to "De Trinitate," published by Oxford as part of its Oxford Early Christian Studies series. The book traces the evolution of the bishop and theologian, Hilary, and his work, De Trinitate, which was important in understanding the continuing debates over trinitarian matters in the mid- to late-fourth century.

At Beeson since 2007, Beckwith teaches church history and historical theology

Dr. Osvaldo Padilla had his work, The Speeches of Outsiders in Acts: Poetics, Theology and Historiography, published by Cambridge as part of its Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series. The book takes an original approach to Luke and his work by concentrating on the speeches of outsiders, unlike previous studies that dealt primarily with insiders, or members of the early Christian church.

Padilla, who joined the Beeson faculty this fall, teaches New testament.

"These two publications within the same month represent a major achievement for these two fine scholars," said Beeson Dean Timothy George.