Posted by Sean Flynt on 2008-10-27

A black-and-white bus pulled into Samford's Talbird Circle at 11 a.m. Monday and volunteers unpacked speakers, tables, information and pizza for a national antipoverty organization's only Birmingham-area tour stop.

The volunteers planned to be on campus until 2 p.m. today on behalf of the One Campaign, which unites individuals and organizations throughout the U.S. to raise awareness of, and promote policy solutions for, global poverty, hunger and disease.

Samford student Hayden Hamrick is president of the univerity's One chapter and works as a regional intern for the Washington, D.C.-based organization. She helped found the Samford chapter last year because she was interested in global poverty issues and liked the policy-oriented focus of the One Campaign.

Hamrick said that although direct aid to the poor is important, governmental policy changes are likely to be the best long-term solutions to the problems of global poverty. She is among the more than 2.4 million Americans who have signed up with the One Campaign to support the work and speak together on behalf of the poor. "That's how One works," Hamrick said. "It's one big voice."

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