Posted by William Nunnelley on 2009-01-14

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) selected Samford University's Christenberry Planetarium as one of 100 sites in the United States to display two spectacular images Feb. 17 from its Great Space Observatories: the Hubble Space Telescope, The Spitzer Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

This selection is in response to the United Nations declaring 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy, and is in celebration of the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's first observance of the solar system through a telescope.

The Birmingham Astronomical Society will host the free event with live presentations and telescopes for people to look through at 7 p.m. that night. Spectacular globular star clusters and star-forming regions called nebulae will be visible, according to George Atchley, Samford planetarium director.