Posted by Sean Flynt on 2009-01-23

The award-winning documentary film America the Beautiful will be shown at Samford's Brock Forum at 7:00 p.m. on Jan. 31st, 2009. The film, by Darryl Roberts, is an in-depth look into the unhealthy emphasis on attractiveness and the effects on today's society, including the pressures on young women and men. The documentary touches on the harsh reality of body image issues, self-esteem and the emphasis on extreme alterations such as plastic surgery to fit a popular image of beauty.

Noted critic Roger Ebert wrote that, "America the Beautiful is a film that might rescue the lives of some girls ages 12 and up." The film reaches all audiences, and Roberts noted that many mothers and daughters view the film together.

After being featured on NBC's The Today Show, CNN News and Good Morning America NOW, the documentary went on a 50 city tour. Birmingham will serve as the final stop on Roberts' three-city Southern tour, sponsored by the Magnolia Creek Eating Disorder Treatment Center.

A discussion panel led by the filmmaker and featuring representatives from various organizations will follow the screening. Roberts said he attends each of the tour events not only to present the film, but also "to look into the eyes of young girls across the country and let them know that they're beautiful, exactly the way they are."

General admission tickets are $10 and student admission is discounted to $5. Tickets are available for purchase at Brock Forum or online from Magnolia Creek Eating Disorder Treatment Center (follow the link below).

Magnolia Creek Eating Disorder Treatment Center