Posted by Sean Flynt on 2010-04-26

Samford undergraduate students will present the results of research projects April 27-30 as the university emphasizes the close relationship between faculty and student scholarship.

Approximately 100 students will present their work during Samford's 2010 Student Showcase, through oral presentations or in scholarly poster sessions, which have become common at professional academic conferences.

The students' research topics range across many disciplines, presenting new ideas on everything from Roman Britain to Red Bull, golf to poverty, weevils to Chaucer.

The common thread uniting the diverse topics is the professional guidance the students receive at a university with a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, and where no courses are taught by graduate students.

"Samford prides itself on the level of interaction between faculty and students, and nowhere is that more evident than in the undergraduate research students are able to produce under the guidance of their professors," said Samford's Assistant Provost Nancy C. Biggio. "It prepares them for careers and graduate school in a way that is not possible exclusively in traditional class situations." 

Oral Presentations  

Marital Satisfaction and Self Esteem

Attitudes Toward Homelessness in the U.S. versus Attitudes Toward Homelessness in Third World Countries

Influence of ADD Characteristics, Self-Construal, and Forgivingness on Perception of Negative Affect in Others

Teen Pregnancy Realistically Portrayed by the Media

The Changing Face of Children's Television

Hands-On Journalism in Haiti: Roles and Relations of Journalists in the Face of Natural Disaster

Synthesis and Reactivity of a Leucine-Derived Expoxide

Adventus Christi: Possible Routes for the Introduction of Christianity to Roman Britain

"And the Tears of Strangers Watered her Grave": Consequences of Republican Motherhood in Foster's 'The Coquette'

Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Sexual Frustration: a Battle of Misogyny

and Retribution in the 18th Century British Literature

Un choque en la Frontera: Gloria Anzaldua's Struggle to Define Her Culture

The Poetry of Rosario Castellanos: Weapon Against Injustice

Poverty and Its Relationship to Child Development

Sports Participation and Its Relationship with Positive Adolescent Behavior

Family Systems in the Context of Poverty

Relationship Between Family of Origin and Romantic Attachment in Adulthood

The Family System and the Implications of Coping with Chronic Illness

"Cayo al abismo": Disillusionment and the Literary Development of Rosalia de Castro

Don Juan a Traves de los siglos

The Love and Femininity in the Short Stories of Marina Colasanti

Relationships Between Men and Women in the Short Stories of Julio Cortazar

Web Based Learning

Fitness Training with a Wii Balance Board

Enhancing Facial Feature Recognition by Adding Eyebrow Support

Turtle Pattern Recognition

Community Mapping

The Psychology of Consumer Behavior: Decisions concerning Quality and Payment and Individual Preferences for Experiential and Material Goods

College Students' Attitudes Toward Nonmarital Cohabitation

Effects of Age, Gender, and Personality Differences on Multitasking Ability

Effects of Prosocial Priming and Personality on the Exhibition of Prosocial Behavior

Adjustment to College and Attachment: Coping, Problem Behaviors, and Self-Esteem

Personality Disorder Characteristics: Measurements, Effects, and Implications of

Subdiagnostic Personality Pathology on Stress, Coping, and Situational Response in a Nonclinical Population

The Fantastic Mind of Leopoldo Lugones

Images in Gongora’s "Soledades"

Challenged Perspectives: The Poetry of Angel Gonzalez

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer: The Influence of 19th Century Spanish Romanticism on 20th Century Latinamerican Modernism

The Potential Influences of Occupational Therapy on Family Relationships

Diagnosis of Cancer in Spouse and Its Relationship to Marital Satisfaction

The Relationship between Prostitution and Self-Esteem

Down Syndrome and Family Relations

Parental Involvement with Children in Therapy

Painting the Lion and Parodying the Clergy: Chaucer's Wife of Bath on the Medieval Church

"A Conflagration, Of Sorts": a poetry collection

A New Kind of New Wave: 'Amores Perros' and 'Children of Men'

Fallenness Before the Far Country: Considering Chalcedon and the Development of Barth's Early Christology

Man of Many Voices: John Temple Graves II and the Transition from "Southern Liberal" to "Voice of the Segregated South"


Poster Presentations  

Hair Color Has No Effect on Pain Tolerance and Sensitivity

Effect of Poverty on Children's Education and Career Aspirations

The Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cumulative College GPA

How Does Carrying a Golf Bag or Riding in a Golf Cart Affect a Golfer's Accuracy and Driving Distance over 18 Holes?

Jewels Girvan Paleolithic Diet has No Impact on Perceived Energy Levels or Health Status

Deaf Culture

Cultural Variation in Helping Behavior: A Review of Cross-cultural Research on Individualist vs. Collectivist Societies

Verbal Encouragement Showed No Effect on Muscular Strength

Culture and the Stigmatization of Mental Illness

Playing a Breath Supported Musical Instrument Improves Pulmonary Function

Body Image Across Cultures: Japanese, Caucasian American and African American

Psychological Implications of Moving Across Cultures

Culture and Moral Development

Differences in Exercising Trust Across Individualist and Collectivist Cultures

The Role of GABAergic Depolarization on Environmental Enrichment Induced Survival

The Effect of Playing Position on Agility and Reaction Time in Collegiate Division One Fastpitch Softball Players

Sickle Cell Trait Identification and Testing in NCAA and NAIA Schools

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

Ice is Not a Valid Treatment for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Molecular Genetic Investigation of Local Ciliates (Homewood, AL) and a Search for their Endosymbionts

Shoulder Tape has no Significant Effect on Basketball Shooting Accuracy

Disease Prevention Across Cultures: Competence in Prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS

Quantitative Detection of Alkanethiols and Alkanesulfonates by Negative-Ion Electrospray-Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Impacts of Acorn Weevils on Various Oak Species at Oak Mountain State Park

Core Strength and Balance Is Significant within Positions in Collegiate Women's Volleyball Players

TGF-Beta and Breast Cancer

Education Level and Income are Predictors of Adherence to the Dietary Guidelines

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

Parental Influence Has an Effect on Children's Eating Habits

There was no Effect of Yoga Training Compared to Swimming Training on Stress Level in College Aged Students

Pre-flight Mechanics Have No Effect on Standing Back Handspring Velocity

The Effect of Red Bull on Fat Calories Burned During Exercise

The Effect of Pre-Exercise Lactate Consumption of Peak Performance

High Self-reported Rates of Emotional Abuse are Associated with Obesity and Marked Body Image Concern

The Relationship of Balance and Joint Proprioception in Older Adults

Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

Effects of a Beta Alanine Supplement on a 225 Pound Bench Press Rep Max Test

There is No Significant Relationship Between Nutritional Intake and Grade Point Average

Synthesis and Utility of 4-Alkoxy-Dithionaphthoic Acids


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