Published on November 23, 2011 by Brad Radice 

The C-SPAN family of networks will televise “Birmingham Weekend” November 26 -27.  Samford University history professor and Chair, Jonathan Bass, will be featured in this special series.

American History TV (C-SPAN 3) will look into Civil Rights history and Birmingham’s role during that movement in America.  Dr. Bass will give his insights into the story of Martin Luther King’s time in a Birmingham jail.  He authored a book on the subject called Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Martin Luther King, Jr., Eight White Religious Leaders, and the “Letter from Birmingham Jail”. 

All video segments regarding “Birmingham Weekend” are posted on C-Span’s Local Content Vehicle website at and archived on C-SPAN’s Video Library site at

Bright House Networks will carry "Birmingham Weekend" with shows on American History TV (Ch. 157) at 10 a.m. CT November 26, 5 p.m. CT November 27, and 6 a.m. CT November 28.