Posted by Emily Hart on 2011-02-16

Larry Thompson, chair of Samford University’s art department, was part of a panel discussion at the 100th annual College Art Association (CAA) conference Feb. 9-12 in New York.

The panel discussed the role of CAA in the next 50 years pertaining to studio art. Thompson also spoke on the importance of studio space and the need for faculty to use this space for personal research.

For the 4th consecutive year, Thompson served as a career mentor for junior faculty at the conference. As mentor he led sessions to discuss the career field of academic art, as well as offered counsel on resumes, cover letters and portfolios.

Thompson said he first got plugged in to CAA while he was part of an exhibition as a graduate student. Since the moment he was first involved he continued to attend due to the diverse group of attendees and the broad international range the conference reaches. Thompson said CAA “recharges your battery and energizes you.”