Posted by Chandra Splond on 2012-12-12

As the end of the year draws near, Samford University needs donor support in providing life-changing scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible.

Consider helping Samford help students by giving stock that has appreciated from the purchase price. According to Stan Davis, director of gift and estate design, such a gift will be valued at the current market value, even though it may have cost much less. Taxes on the gain in value are avoided as well.

The most common way is to electronically transfer the stock from a donor's account to Samford's. Samford accepts DTC transfers through Northern Trust Company. Interested donors should use the Northern Trust DTC #2669 and Samford's account number 26-38462. For a donor to receive gift credit, the stock gift must be matched to the donor. Donors need to contact the advancement officer with whom they have worked or call University Advancement at 205-726-2807 regarding the stock and the amount they have transferred, as well as the gift purpose.A transfer must be received into the Samford University account by Dec. 31 in order to receive gift credit for the 2012 tax year.

There are many other ways donors can help students at Samford, such as gifts of cash, real estate, life insurance policies or even through beneficiary designation or bank or investment accounts. At Samford, the most common deferred gift is through a will or trust provision.

More than 70 percent of the Samford experience is provided by tuition while the other 30 percent comes from donors. Anyone interested in giving may do so by visiting

Samford can help donors take the next steps to plan an appreciated gift.  Contact Davis at 205-726-2807 or 888-782-5867. You can also contact, or go to