Posted by Brad Radice on 2012-01-31

Step Sing is back!  The long time Samford University tradition, dating back to 1951, returns February 16-18 to the Wright Center.

Step Sing 2012 will feature 14 groups with close to 1,000 participants.  This year’s production will have a different look; with each performance featuring its own Master of Ceremonies. 

“Years past there have been two emcees that have carried through the show,” explains Step Sing Director Matt Davidson.  “This year each show will be responsible for their own emcee, so they’ll be able to take ownership of their show.”

Tickets for Step Sing 2012 will be on sale starting Friday, February 3.

Tickets, as we know, go fast, but there is hope.  For the first time in Step-Sing history, Saturday’s show will be available online, streaming live. 

“We wanted to get more people connected to Step Sing that couldn’t necessarily get a ticket or get down to Birmingham,” said Step Sing ticketing coordinator Drew Hall. 

Any other questions regarding Step Sing 2012, please call the Step Sing hotline at 205-726-2276 or 205-726-2031.