Published on February 8, 2017 by Ashley Smith  
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Samford University’s School of the Arts will showcase two spring events as part of the Davis Architects Guest Artist Series.

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, The Assad Brothers will appear in Brock Recital Hall at 7:30 p.m., as well as participate in master classes for School of the Arts students. 

According to Joe Hopkins, School of the Arts dean, the Brazilian-born brothers Sergio and Odair Assad are “two of the finest guitarists on the planet, the best duo in the history of the instrument, and we get to hear them together in Birmingham. They have established the standard for all others. Their music is so compelling and persuasive. Be ready to be stunned by the beauty of their artistry.” 

The performance will include original compositions by Sergio Assad, as well as a variety of jazz, folk and Latin-inspired pieces. Their repertoire is a melting pot of different cultures and periods. The Assad Brothers have collaborated with artists across the globe and have an ongoing project with cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

The New York Times describes their music chemistry, saying, “Because they have been performing together for most of their lives, and because they play from memory, there is a lively interaction between them that creates the impression that they are improvising like a couple of virtuosic, perhaps even telepathic, jazz players.”

Additionally, the Sotto Voce Tuba Quartet will be featured on March 28 with Samford faculty member Demondrae Thurman.

These concerts round out a year of internationally acclaimed guest musicians that have provided inspiration to students and faculty alike, Hopkins added. 


Ashley Smith is marketing and communication coordinator for Samford Arts.