Beeson Divinity School Receives Third Kern Grant

Published on May 16, 2017 by Kristen Padilla
Mark DeVine
Mark DeVine

Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School received its third grant from the Kern Family Foundation for the extension of the school’s Faith and Work program. The grant is for $78,520 for the period of May 2, 2017, to November 2, 2018.    

Directed by Associate Professor Mark DeVine, this initiative received its first Kern grant in 2013. In the last four years, funds from these grants have brought in scholars and experts in the field of faith, work and economics to speak in chapel services, workshops and symposia. These guests have included Tim Keller, Os Guinness, Russell Moore, Wayne Grudem and Scott Rae. 

This grant-funded program also made possible an elective course, “Between Sabbaths: Faith, Work and Economics on the Other Six Days,” taught by DeVine, “The Other Six Days” blog, and a biannual symposium of 10 pastors to study faith, work and economics. 

“The Christian faith, like the Bible on which it is based, is concerned with all of life, Monday through Saturday as well as Sunday, work as well as worship,” said Beeson Divinity School Dean Timothy George. “I commend Dr. Mark DeVine for helping us to connect sacred and secular in a way that honors both. I am glad that the Kern Family Foundation has continued its generous support for this initiative.” 

With the current grant renewal, DeVine said the focus is shifting “to build upon the investment made over the last four years.” 

DeVine plans to deploy six of the symposia pastors to train others on the intersection of faith, work and economics, and guide four professors as they integrate faith, work and economics into syllabi for courses in four disciplines: history and doctrine, pastoral leadership, Old Testament, and New Testament. 

“We are gratified that the subject of the intersection of faith, work and economics is no longer strange to the Beeson community,” DeVine said. “The embrace of the curricular dimension of this newest initiative demonstrates recognition that this neglected focus belongs to the core values of Beeson Divinity School.” 

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Kristen Padilla is marketing and communication coordinator for Beeson Divinity School.

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