Beeson magazine makes alumni, students and friends of the divinity school aware of news related to the Beeson community and provides resources to encourage pastors. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact the editor.

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Past Issues

2018 - A Churchly Faith
2017 - Preaching the Reformation
2016 - Engaging Art with the Gospel
2015 - The Pastor at Prayer
2014 - C.S. Lewis and the Care of Souls
2013 - Beeson at Twenty-Five Years
2012 - A Vision for the Aging Church
2011 - Bonhoeffer: Confessing Christ in Nazi Germany
2010 - Fifteen Years of Worship in Hodges Chapel
2009 - Proclaiming Iesus Kurios
2008 - Beeson at Twenty
2007 - Living with the Psalms
2006 - Brokers of the Book