Published on August 3, 2015  

We all know the frustration of a bag that rips open in the parking lot, our purchases tumbling in all directions.  A few weeks ago—in the early evening—I was walking across campus when I heard the sound of cans and bottles crashing upon concrete.  I turned to locate the noise and I saw one of our custodians already bent over a burst garbage bag, grabbing items that were beginning to roll down the hill.  Just as quickly, I glanced around to see one of our students, out for a walk, ever-present earbuds in place, suddenly running to assist the custodian.  I watched for a few seconds as he collected garbage and she thanked him for his help.   It was the spontaneity of the young man that captured my attention.  His action were prompted by first instincts.  Does Samford have a lock on that kind of helpfulness?  Hardly.  But the “first instinct” response of our people is a joy to see.

The world is better because of the healthy, meaningful interaction that takes place at Samford every day.