Published on July 6, 2015  

Dr. Michael Hardin began a new chapter in his life last week as our Provost, completing his tenure as the Dean of the Culverhouse School of Business at the University of Alabama.  He arrives with the good will of the entire campus (and the relief of the 19-member search committee).  Mike’s wife is Anna Kathryn.  As I received the committee’s recommendation that we ask Dr. Hardin to accept the position, I talked with perhaps as many as 30 people who had known him in various capacities, both personal and professional.  If I had to offer one summary of the conversations, it would be this:  “He’s one of the finest people I have ever known.”  Welcome to Samford, Mike and Anna Kathryn, where you’ll write your own Samford stories.   

The world is better because of Mike and Anna Kathryn Hardin.  (You may write a word of welcome to Dr. Hardin at