Published on May 4, 2015  

Just last night, Matt Kerlin, Assistant Dean for Spiritual Life, sent this message to me:

Sunday afternoon I was able to see the final performance of Samford theatre’s production of Jane Eyre, a musical adaptation of the novel by Charlotte Brontë.  The talent on display was truly astounding and brought the story to life with emotion and creativity.  In particular, senior musical theatre major Carin Lagerberg performed stunningly as the main character.  In the post-production Q & A with the cast and crew, a student asked Carin which of the musical’s themes most resonated with her.  Carin spoke of how the story highlights the social pressure placed on women to live up to artificial standards of beauty, and she reminded all of us in the audience that God’s compassionate view of us should take precedence over how others may judge us.  As the father of two daughters, I thought her response was both memorable and wise.

Matt concluded his message with these words:  “In my ninth year at Samford, I continue to be moved by all that is good about this place.”

The world is better because Samford nurtures persons in their development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood.