Published on August 29, 2016  

Amanda Strickland Cavin, a graduate of Samford’s Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education, has recently been designated as a PAEMST honoree. 

Amanda is currently the assistant principal of two schools in Henry County, Georgia.  She began her career teaching third grade in the Clayton County School System, she spent the majority of her career teaching first grade, fifth grade, and pre-K students with special needs at Unity Grove Elementary School.  Her expertise in fostering a positive environment for teaching and learning is described on the PAEMST website:

As a teacher, Amanda engaged her students in project-based learning experiences, providing them the opportunity to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts in a real-world context. She utilized technology to stimulate interest among her students and empower them to communicate mathematically.  Her students maintained personal blogs to share their ideas and mathematical connections to the real world, such as an analysis of weather data to inform decisions about the class garden.  These young mathematicians regularly played games to reinforce strategies for mathematics with students in other states via Skype and often connected with experts using the class Twitter account. These innovative teaching practices were recognized by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and Georgia Public Broadcasting.

The world is better because of Amanda Strickland Cavin (and Amanda’s dad, Dean Corky Strickland of our Cumberland School of Law, has known that the world is better because of Amanda since the moment of her birth).