Published on November 21, 2016  

The title of his dissertation is “Intimate Partner Violence and Depressive Symptoms among Women of Reproductive Age in Rural Bangladesh.”  Dr. Stake took a few minutes to write to one of his Samford mentors, Dr. Stephen Chew:  

“Looking back, my education at Samford (particularly Psych) was top notch and prepared me for the masters and doctoral work.  I know you were a huge part of that and I’m thankful for your investment in me.  For the next few weeks I’ll be editing my three separate papers for journal submissions and then exploring a few jobs associated with Hopkins.  My two advisors work internationally, one in Uganda in IPV and mental health, the other in Bangladesh in maternal and child health.  There are a couple of other international jobs associated with my dissertation committee from Hopkins I am exploring next week as well.  I’m praying about next steps, but hoping to blend in a little more administration and program development with international focus.  After a fairly demanding season, I’m aiming to stay around Baltimore/DC area with international travel until next spring and then re-evaluate where God is calling me to.  I trust that He will guide as He has done before at every fork in the road.  I hope you are well and so happy you are still investing in students!”

The world is better because of the engagement of Samford faculty members in the intellectual development of their students.