Published on August 14, 2017  

Last week the Adidas Global CEO, Kasper Rorsted, and the North American President Mark King announced that Jay Mike’s team won the Adidas Summer Intern Project.  According to Jay Mike, “Each team was assigned a trade zone in a key city.  We were then asked to do an intensive research of our area.  That boiled down to understanding the history of that area, who the people are (the demographics of the area), where are they going (hotspots in the area), and a few other data results.”  He said that his team triumphed  because of the “group’s display of collaboration and creative abilities, as well as how well our activation idea matched our target demographic.”

In words sure to bring a smile to the faculty members in the Brock School of Business, Jay Mike offered this additional commentary:  “The sports marketing program in the Brock School of Business first helped me land the highly competitive internship with Adidas at their corporate headquarters in Oregon.  They also prepared me for success by allowing me to participate in real-world, cross-functional projects while still in school.  Working as consultants for various sports teams, leagues and sports brands laid the foundation and paid huge dividends in allowing me to draw upon that experience during this project. Samford faculty are passionate about investing deeply in each and every student.  I am so grateful for all the many hours that Samford faculty have invested in mentoring me and preparing me for success in the real world.”

The world is better because of the personal attention offered to students by members of the Samford faculty.