Published on October 2, 2017  

Each of them, plus the populations of the neighboring “suburbs” in my county would be a fair approximation of the turnout on the Quad for Family Day festivities this past weekend.  I am grateful to the many members of our faculty and staff—and our students—for the efforts that led to a successful weekend.  As Jeanna and I stood on Saturday near the tree at the midpoint between the University Center and Buchanan Hall, we had a five-minute conversation with one of our Samford families.  The daughter will graduate next May.  Her mother and father each recounted the ways in which their daughter had grown during her time here and the student, with tears bursting from her eyes, said, “Coming to Samford is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”  In the shade of that tree, I was reminded of the burden that each of us shoulder as we seek to offer a unique, meaningful educational experience to our students, bolstered by the grace and truth that we find in Christ.   

The world is better because of Samford’s unique and beautiful mission.