Published on February 5, 2018  

The predictable layout of the airport and the wide hallways have become second nature to me, but impromptu conversations with people I’ve never previously encountered add a certain amount of unpredictability to the experiences.  A few days ago, a person stopped me as I was making a flight connection, identified me as the president of Samford, introduced me to her husband, and then said something like, “You have a great school.”  I didn’t say, “Well, it isn’t mine and it is actually a university.”  Instead, I smiled, thanked her, and walked away.  Later it dawned on me that it requires the work of thousands of people across many decades to prompt the impression in a person’s mind that Samford is “a great school.”  I’m grateful for the untold numbers of people who have contributed to the narrative. 

The world is better because of a great school known as Samford University.