Published on June 18, 2018  

As demonstrated in this social media post from her mom, Samford faculty and staff quickly stepped in: 

Her advisor took over her registration, the campus police took her to the health center, and somehow her orientation leader found out and called my husband.  We weren’t at the health center for more than a couple of minutes before the director of orientation and her orientation leader both came to check on her.  Her advisor made sure she got all the classes she wanted and called to check on her on our drive home.  Who wouldn’t feel good about sending their student to a school like this?!  And she is going to be fine.  Banged up, bloody and bruised knee, but it will heal.

As this posting was forwarded to me last week, I realized that this mom was giving credit for the things that Samford people do on a routine basis.  I’m honored to work with so many members of our faculty and staff who do and say the right things with such consistency.

The world is better because of the ordinary, extraordinary efforts of Samford people.